The Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization composed of metal artists and craft workers, founded in March 1951. It came about through the inspiration of Clifford Brown, one of the founding members, mentor and teacher to many present-day members. The ethics of the making art, the teacher’s knowledge and patience, the volunteers’ selflessness are hallmarks of the Guild’s ethos.

The Guild mark consists of a shield bearing a salmon across the shield, surrounded by three silversmith hammers.

The Guild’s purpose is to stimulate and develop an interest in both traditional and innovative metal crafts and art. This includes jewelry, silversmithing and goldsmithing, metal clay, sculpture, enameling, blade making. It involves the use of non-precious and precious metals, alone or in combination with alternative materials. Please view our gallery of selected work and read about the interests of our members.

The Guild aims to encourage and assist members in developing their skills and by providing learning and development opportunities primarily for the members. It also aims to provide as many opportunities as possible for members to participate in craft display, promotion or markets.

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