Annual Shows


2017 Theme: Technique

Best in Show (Cliff Brown Memorial Rose Bowl): Donald Bell, “Diamond wedding band”
Excellence in Craftsmanship (Frank Xavier Phillips Award): Dana Grund, “Stratum brooch”
Best Design (Touch of Gold Design Trophy): Donald Bell, “La vie en rose ring”


2013 Theme: Light

Best in Show: Peter Lawrence, “Light at the end of the tunnel”
Best Design: Chris Shute, “Charge of the Light Brigade”
Excellence in Craftsmanship: Kim Goldsmith, “Lighter than physics”


2012 Theme: Space










Best in Show: Peter Lawrence, “The space within”
Best Design: Peter Lawrence, “The space within”
Excellence in Craftsmanship: Peter Lawrence, “The space within”

2012 Catalog – just click on the link below and scroll through the pages.


2011 Theme: Journey







Best in Show: Meris Mosher, “#1 Metro transit”
Best Design: Tori Poynton, “Journey to the centre rings”
Excellence in Craftsmanship: Susana Hernandez, “Path to perfection”


2010 Theme: Metamorphosis

2010 logo






Best in Show: Elizabeth Goluch, “In dreams I fly”
Best Design: Chris Shute, “Stone Soup”
Excellence in Craftsmanship: Dana Grund, “Manly Band”


2009 Theme: Sea Life






Best in Show: Kim Goldsmith, “Port hole”
Best Design: Don Bell, “Captain Nemo’s Shuttle”
Excellence in Craftsmanship: Peter Lawrence: “Neptune’s Throne”


2008 Theme: Flora and Fauna

Best in Show: Peter Lawrence, “In the pond by the garden”
Best Design: Don Bell, “Falling Leaves”
Excellence in Craftsmanship: Don Bell, “Pearl”


2007 Theme: Which Craft?

Best in Show: Peter Lawrence, “Standing pin”
Best Design: Kim Goldsmith, “Two Familiar”
Excellence in Craftsmanship: Cynthia and David Ryder, “Ribbon”


2006 Theme: Fantasies & Fables

Best in Show: Elizabeth Goluch, “I’ll sing in the sunshine”
Best Design: Cynthia and David Ryder, “Borg Mask”
Excellence in Craftsmanship: Elizabeth Goluch, “I’ll sing in the sunshine”


2005 Theme: Play

Best in Show: Elizabeth Goluch, “Work is play”
Best Design: Carolyn Allworth, “Shakespearean Ladies”
Excellence in Craftsmanship: Carolyn Allworth, “Shakespearean Ladies”


2004 Theme: Ancient History

Best in Show: Elizabeth Goluch, “From Here to Eternity – Egyptian style”
Best Design: Harriet Burdett-Moulton, “Calamite”
Excellence in Craftsmanship: Harriet Burdett-Moulton, “Calamite”


2003 Theme: Music

Best in Show: Don Bell, “Song of the North”
Best Design: Don Bell, “Whistle Stop”