Chain Making Workshop

Chain Making Workshop (NOTE: 2 days)
Oct. 13- 14, 2018

No previous experience necessary

Day 1: Saturday 10am-4pm
1. Introduction with explanation of expectations (what we will make)
      – basic chain theory/practice
     – two in two = no solder,
     – the farther you get from a round link the more labor intensive the chain,
     – most store bought chains are machine made
     – keep a piece of every chain so you don’t have to restart new

2. Samples of chains with explanations:
      – homemade vs store bought (commercial coating)
      – chain vs sheet

3. Tool list:
           Jump ring maker (homemade vs store bought)
           Cushion and pins to start chain

4. Jump rings
      – selecting materials (copper vs brass vs silver vs gold vs white gold vs platinum vs titanium, also solder filled wire, square/triangle wire)
     – sizing (discuss aspect ratio)
     – strength of chain (i.e. captive inverted round)
     – making
     – cutting
     – selecting a pattern (internet resources M.A.I.L)
     – preparing jump rings

5. Start pattern

Day 2: Sunday 10am-4pm
1. Claps patterns & techniques
2. Finishing chain
3. Making & attaching clasp
4. Finishing
     – raising fine silver
     – tumbling chain
     – maintaining chain (periodically closing links)