Filigree Workshop with Ann Perry
Date: May 25-26, 2019 (2 sessions)
Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM each day
Location: To be announced

Cost: $60 Guild Members, $75 Non-Members
to be e-transferred to

Materials cost to be paid directly to the workshop instructor:
$30 for small kit (1”x2” silver back-plate and corresponding amount of wire and solder)
$50 for a large kit (2”x2” silver back-plate and corresponding amount of wire and solder) Students will have the option to buy additional filigree wire and powdered solder. Please contact Ann at and specify which kit you would like to purchase by May 6th !

Backed, or closed, filigree is an ancient technique that involves the creation of delicate patterns of fine silver wire soldered on to a Sterling base-plate. It utilizes very basic tools and allows the artist to essentially ‘draw’ and create textures with wire. Ann Perry McCosker has perfected this technique and is excited to share her knowledge! See samples on Ann’s website or Instagram to get a better understanding of Ann’s capabilities and her fine jewellery. or .
The filigree workshop will take place over two days and you will learn the basics of making filigree jewellery. Participants will learn how to prepare filigree wire, form a number of traditional patterns, prepare framed back-plates, and solder using powdered solder and flux. There will be ample work time for students to complete one or more projects of their own designs so they are encouraged to have some designs in mind. Materials kits will include filigree wire, 1mm frame wire, .7mm back-plate sheet, and appropriate solder and flux. Additional materials such as ring shanks, ear-wires, and chains for pendants should be brought by students.
If you have the following small tools please bring them:
– Pliers: round nosed, flat, and half-round
– Emery sticks (suggested 400 and 600 grit plus any others you like)
– Basic files (flat, half round)
– Burnisher
– Fine flush cut snips
– Clean tweezers for manipulating wire
– Metal cuticle pusher (for sprinkling powdered solder)
– Fine paintbrush for moving solder particles
– Soldering tripod with screen