Tips & Tricks – HIDI

Kim’s Sharpie HIDI
Sharpies are a useful tool at my bench . I fix the cap to the bench so I have one handed access to a sharpie at all times. Hot glue works .

I color-code my solder using sharpies. The colour is burned off easily and helps keep the solder clean. Black for easy, blue for medium and red for hard. This is very helpful in identifying the bits of solder left over on my soldering pad when I return to the bench the next morning and I don’t remember what solder I was using : ) The lids and bases of my solder containers are also matching colour-coded so it is easy to find at a glance the one I want on my bench.

Sharpies are also great for layout directly onto the metal. It burns off clean and takes a beautiful sharp line with a compass or scribe without chipping.

I also use sharpie dots to identify work in my job bags. I will put a blue dot on the top right of the bag if I need to carve a wax, green if I need to order a part for the job, black if I have finished and called the person …you get the idea.

If you have any more sharpie hacks, I would love to know about them . Please send them on so we can all benefit from it !