Metal clay workshop

Metal Clay Workshop

Dates  April 21 & 22 10:00 AM to 5 PM

Day 1: work with base metal “Brilliant Bronze” 50 grams $25.00 for materials
Students will learn the basics of working with metal clay. They will learn to mix powdered metal clay as well as how to handle metal clay, we will roll, cut, texture, sand etc. Each student will design their own pendant and earrings. These pieces will be kiln fired overnight.

Day 2: work with fine silver 10 grams $32.00 material cost
Students will work with lump silver clay to create their own one of a kind ring. They will use the techniques learn in the day one class as well as how to size and use ring mandrels. They will be taught how to torch fire fine silver metal clay. The rings will be kiln fired.

While their rings are being fired students will clean up their brilliant bronze pieces from the previous day.

Classes need to start on time so students are expected to arrive 15 mins early. Everyone is responsible for bringing their own lunch.

Workshop cost $70.00
Metal Clay cost $57.00
Total Cost for 2 days $127.00

This is a super price for a two-day workshop as it would usually be more in the range of $275 (i.e. Workshop cost $200.00; Metal Clay $65.00; Lab cost $10.00 misc materials ie masks, sanding paper, oils, kiln firing, use of all tools etc).