Standby Gallery

This page is being set up to provide a repository for images relevant to the Guild’s application to HalCon 2017.  Our artisans hand-make their wares and most of the work is one of a kind. When multiples are made, we indicate this in the description.


Pendant, Sterling [JD]
This triple spiral (triskele) is traditionally associated with the Celts, but it probably originated earlier and subsequently has been adopted by Celtic Christians and Wiccans. Various sizes of pendants, brooches and earrings will be offered. The inverse design (triple spiral cut out of the background) will also be available.

Cuff, ??? [BC]

Pendants, ??? [BC]

Shadow box, ??? [BC]

Torque, Fine silver, sterling silver, 14K gold.[HBM]
Nettle leaf  torque for fairy Queens

Brooch, Fine silver, enamel [HBM]
Greek mythology: Phoenix Rising

Torque, Sterling, hand-carved ebony, 10K gold accent [HBM]
Inspired by birds in freezing water

Brooch, Sterling, hand-carved black agate [HBM]
Wing inspired by the abstraction of the Inuit ulu (woman’s knife)

Pendant, ??? [PF]

Pendant, ??? [PF]

Cuff, bead embroidery [CR]

Necklaces and earrings, Sterling and pearls or gemstone beads [KG]
“Lace” chokers, pendants and earrings look equally fetching with a Victorian Steampunk ensemble or a Romantic. Gothic look . A bit of your costume you wouldn’t mind wearing to the office.

Necklace, Sterling “lace” [KG]

Necklace and earrings, Sterling and onyx ???[KG]
Snake theme

Brooches, cast Sterling [KG]
Celtic knot-maned ” Kelpie ” is a creature from lore that appears as a white stallion or a handsome young man , both of which will take you into the ocean and drown you don’t sit on your brooch .
Knights have ridden their worthy steeds into battle and to the castles of their Ladies , a remembrance of “once upon a time” .

Pendant and bracelet, Sterling chain maille [SR]

Necklace and earrings, ??? and freshwater pearls [CR]

Bracelet, cast Sterling head, Sterling dragon scale chain maille [HBM]
Snow Dragon from a “swirling Arctic Tempest”


Pendant, Sterling [JD]
Inset: Pin, Sterling
An imagined insignia for an alien civilization.