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Build Your Own Portable Benchtop – Kim Goldsmith

The MAGNS BYOB workshop was a blast!
Marcel Boudreau, our host at Halifax Makers Space, expertly and very safely led us through their wood studio in the making of our Baby Benches . The space is a hive of creative energy with all pitching in to make a welcoming and happy place to work. I recommend looking at their website for up coming events and classes. A great bunch of guys. Thanks for everything (pizza lunch included : ).

We even got a new MAGNS member – Hi Paul! So we had John, Paul, us Girls were collectively George (Glenda ,Cynthia , Carole and myself ) and we called Shahab Ringo. Everyone attending ended up with a Baby Bench customized to their height. We had an indoor/outdoor production line assembly going that was quick and efficient.

Carolyn Allworth generously donated funds for the building of a bench for someone that wouldn’t have been able to get access to one. Thanks so much Carolyn!

After the workshop we went out for a bite, beer and a laugh at the local pub. I would like to say a special Thank You to Carole Jones who was my partner in crime for getting this workshop set up and running smoothly – Thanks CJ! it was a pleasure working with you. You’re the best! I look forward to seeing you all soon, Kim


Wax Carving – Carole Jones

Tube Setting – Dana Grund

Personal Stamp  – Don Bell


Chain-making – Jamessee Moulton & Harriet Burdet-Moulton
Seven complicated patters were learned by the six people who attended the course. The course started with theory, best practices and a pooling of people’s knowledge. Students selected the pattern they wished to do, measured their wire and wound it on a dowel in a manual drill. Amid complicated discussions on aspect ratios, Jamessee demonstrated how to use a jump ring maker and John presented a home-made jig to saw jump rings. In the end everyone cut their own jump rings while whispering creative language; but all agreed it gave them a new appreciation of chains. By the end of the first day everyone had their pattern started by approximately an inch.

People continued their pattern on the second day. It was more subdued but not less busy. There was a discussion on clasps and the theory of closing mechanisms with a variety of samples and a sharing of group knowledge. By 3 PM most chains were ¾ completed and Jamessee demonstrated rising the fine silver on a piece he had been working on. The synergy was high and everyone left with the anticipation of bringing their finished chains to the Guild meeting to be finished with a demo of rising fine silver and giving them a final polish in the tumbler.


Personalized Stamp Making  – Don Bell

Stone setting – Don Bell
The focus of this workshop was on claw settings. Don introduced the topic with explanatory drawings, verbal descriptions and  demonstration.  We then proceeded to do it ourselves supported by step-by-step tutoring. Lots of valuable information and practice! Everyone set a glass ‘gem’ – a couple were green in honour of St. Patrick’s Day! The day finished with a demonstration and discussion of bead setting.


Lapidary Arts – Hans Durstling (guest)

Holloware – Ross Morrow

Viking weave – Mary Fraser

Fold-forming – John Downie

Engraving – Don Bell

Cold Connections & Weaving With Iron Wire – Ellen Wieske (guest)


Bead Setting – Graeme Ross
P1010520 copy

Flush Setting – Graeme Ross
Jen drilling seat flat copy
Metal Clay – Pam Feindl

Stone Setting – Don Bell

Hollow Construction – Peter Lawrence

4 in 1 Persian Chain – Nathalie Pitre

Delft Clay Casting – Ross Morrow
R with a busy crowd (flat text)

Cutting and Polishing Cabochons – Hans Durstling

Fold-Forming – Lynda Lou MacIntyre

Photographing Jewelry – Jacob Mailman (guest)

Prong Setting – Don Bell

Roller Printing – Kim Goldsmith
2011 Roller Printing Kim Goldsmith copy